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The 9PSAVs – Resilience

By April 30, 2021No Comments

Enthusiasm is common. Endurance is rare.”

Angela Duckworth


Resilience, to deal with new people, new skills, new surroundings, new learning, new conditions – truly attending, completing and achieving on a PSA Rugby Academies programme is a massive test and proof of each young player’s strength of mind and body.

Each PSA Rugby Academy high-performance programme is a positive challenge and takes player’s out of their comfort zone.  This is the key to growth in not just rugby, but in life too and and we try to stimulate our players’ development as much as possible. These are long, busy, but really enjoyable days if your attitude is good and you love your rugby!

Each day of our programme, players will have an unrivalled chance to learn new skills; they will take core rugby & physical tests that will expose not just strengths but weaknesses too. They’ll need to dig deep for physical sessions followed by teamwork & leadership development activities.

Whilst every PSA Rugby Academy is unique and high quality, Tignes is the ultimate high performance sports development venue at 2,100m altitude, a truly great location for rugby in a fantastic setting but it will stretch most young players in terms of the busy nature of the programme both on and off the pitch.

For the times where tiredness, homesickness or some disappointment or difficulty with mastering new skills or making new friends kicks in, it is important that the players show a lot of courage and resolve. Our staff are hugely professional and supportive but even with this, at certain times, the players will go through phases in the programme that are a little more difficult and this is entirely normal. In fact, it is critical to the quality of the development experience and rest assured, they invariably come out of this experience stronger!

New cultures, new multilingual friends, a strong mind, and experiences that they will not have the opportunity to experience elsewhere are all on offer on our high-performance programmes across Ireland, the UK and France.

On every PSA Rugby Academy, we try to ensure that everyone achieves meaningful long-term benefits from their rugby & personal development experience and that every player is given the room and support to manage their individual progress at our programme pace: if we can get player’s to step change in each aspect of their personality, playing ability, physical development and emotional well-being, then that is very much mission accomplished in terms of our 9PSAVs framework objective around resilience.


Trustpilot Testimonials – see more here:

Nicola – Parent : It’s a challenging programme and he got a lot out of it.” 

Elizabeth – Parent :It was technical, they were pushed and they had to work hard but he loved every minute of it.