Who are PSA Academies?

PSA Academies is the registered trading name of Advanced Sporting Potential Ltd., a company registered in Ireland (company number #575120) and the UK (company number #10560840). The brand is operated by Advanced Sporting Potential UK Ltd.

How do I see more from other parents about the PSA Rugby Academies experience?

Our founding and staff teams have worked hard since launching in 2016 to refine our programmes and the positive impact that they have on young rugby players, of both genders.  We’re proud of what we have built and the positive feedback (and ongoing support) that we continue to get from our customers.  We are rated ‘Excellent’ (4.8 of 5.0) on Trustpilot and you can see the testimonials of our customers here https://ie.trustpilot.com/review/psaacademies.com.

What are the 9PSAVs & why are they important?

As part of our overall company mission and specifically our commitment to delivering high-performance programmes that are genuinely player development focussed, we have developed a values framework called the 9PSAVs.  These values are core to every element of our Academy programmes.  Our coaching & staff teams are focussed on the outer company values of ‘Fun, Positivity & Excellence’, while our players are positively challenged each day around the 6 inner core values that we feel are most important to enable each player to maximise their rugby and personal potential long term. Each programme ends with a PSA Players Awards ceremony where our staff and players acknowledge those players who have best demonstrated our 9PSAVs values during the programme. Finally, we surface the 9PSAVs values through the player report pdfs that our testing team share with parents and players post-programme.

We live and breathe our values and this is something that we look to imbue in every player that attends a PSA Rugby Academy programme!

How do I book a place on a PSA Rugby Academy programme?

To book your place, click on the BOOK button in the top navigation bar or in the specific product page to complete the relevant package booking form and make payment via card or other method.  As part of the booking process, you will be creating a secure customer account with PSA Academies, allowing you to log back in to update and, if applicable, amend your booking details.

How do I ensure that my player gets to train and/or room with their friends?

When completing your PSA Rugby Academy programme booking, please ensure that you and the parents of the other players involved include details of the group names in the field for ‘preferred training and/or rooming requests’.  Our programme delivery team will note all requests made via the booking process and/or flagged via direct message on the WhatsApp Broadcast Groups associated with each Academy programme. Please note that due to the COVID-19 protocols that may be in place for Academy programmes, we will be unable to make changes to training groups or rooming arrangements after the start of each Academy programme. 

My player is underage for the programme package that his friends have booked. What are my options?

It sometimes happens that due to the cross over of ages within a specific underage rugby age grouping, younger players looking to book a PSA Rugby Academy programme with their older teammate friends can fall outside of a specific programme package age range. In this situation, as long as the player is physically and technically advanced enough for the older group, we are happy to accommodate their booking of the older programme.  Likewise, in a situation where a customer prefers their player to be part of a younger programme age grouping in order to train & stay with teammates, we will accommodate these requests when notified.

For players that fall just outside our minimum (10yrs) or maximum (16yrs UK & IRE, 17yrs Tignes), we are happy to consider accommodating customers and their players that would like to attend.  Any final decision will be made on a case-by-case basis having evaluated the specific circumstances of each request.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

When booking selected PSA Rugby Academies, you can choose to either pay in full upfront or, if applicable depending on the programme and time of the year, pay a non-refundable deposit of a fixed amount or % of your package cost (up to 40%) to secure your place.  For the 2021 Summer programmes, the €50/£50 deposit payment option with finish on Monday 17th May, with all bookings after this date to be paid in full at booking (includes the €50/£50 non-refundable booking fee).

When is my final payment due?

Full and final payment is due 60 days before the start date of an individual or group booking with PSA Academies. Our sales team will be in touch by email and/or WhatsApp Broadcast Group to remind customers regarding payment deadlines, with final payment payable via the Stripe payment link in the balancing payment pending invoice emailed to customers at the time of their booking.

How do I access my Account Funds credit from a past cancelled programme to book a new Academy place?

In the event of an Academy programme cancelled due to circumstances beyond the control of PSA Academies, customers will be given the option to accept an Account Funds Credit which will be applied to their fully secure PSA Academies account. If/when in future the customer wishes to book a new Academy place in future, they can log in to their PSA Academies account and use Account Funds as their preferred payment method when booking their place.  See the pdf here for a step-by-step of how the process should work.

What are the typical timings for the Irish PSA Rugby Academies programmes?

For residential programmes, the older 12-16yrs group check-in from 4-5pm Sunday afternoon, with check out & pick from 4-5pm Friday.  For the younger 10-11yrs Minis group, check-in takes place from 8-8.30am Tuesday morning, with check out & pick from 4-5pm Friday.

For non-residential programmes, all age groups attend from 8.30am to 3pm daily Monday to Friday, with the online education programme, featuring a 45-60 min live online webinar with a PSA high-performance mentor taking place between 6.30-7.30pm Monday to Thursday.

Timings may vary by venue and are subject to change dependent on various factors including potential COVID-19 protocol changes, bad weather, staff availability etc. Our programme staff will be in contact with customers pre- and during programmes via our dedicated WhatsApp Broadcast Groups and/or email.

What are the typical timings for the UK PSA Rugby Academies programmes?

For residential programmes (e.g. East England), the older 12-16yrs group check-in takes place from 8-8.30am Monday morning, with check out & pick from 4-5pm Friday.

For non-residential programmes, all age groups attend from 8.30am to 3pm daily Monday to Friday, with the online education programme, featuring a 45-60 min live online webinar with a PSA high-performance mentor taking place between 6.30-7.30pm Monday to Thursday.

Timings may vary by venue and are subject to change dependent on various factors including potential COVID-19 protocol changes, bad weather, staff availability etc. Our programme staff will be in contact with customers pre- and during programmes via our dedicated WhatsApp Broadcast Groups and/or email.

What are the typical timings for the PSA Rugby Academy Tignes programme?

The PSA Rugby Academy Tignes runs from a Saturday to a Saturday each week, from Saturday 10th to Saturday 24th July.

For any customers dropping their players directly to Tignes, check-in on Saturday will be open from 1500hrs, with staff in attendance to welcome players & their families, ensure that players get safely checked in to their shared rooms and have some supervised activities to enjoy before the full group welcome talk and programme induction at 17oohrs.  For departure day, check out and collection will be available from 1100hrs, with final collection by 1400hrs.

For any players travelling by train to Tignes (via Bourg Saint Maurice), our staff and/or approved transport company will provide a transfer to the UCPA in Tignes, subject to agreement on suitable transfer times with customers involved.

For any players travelling by air to Tignes (via Lyon Airport LYS), there will be a scheduled transfer service provided by our approved transport company on arrival and departure days.  The timings of the standard transfers are available from the PSA programme team and customers need to ensure that any flights booked are suitable for the available transfer timings.  Any transfers required at non-standard times or from alternative airports will require customers to cover directly with the transfer company.

What is the Online Education Programme delivered as part of the PSA Rugby Academy programmes?

As part of our PSA Rugby Academy programmes each summer, we include an evening-based Online Education module that includes;

– daily live* Zoom Webinars with a PSA high-performance mentor, covering sports science topics such as Sports Nutrition, Mental Wellness, Physical Development and Injury Prevention/Concussion Awareness. These sessions will last approximately 60 mins and will be recorded (pre-recorded if bi-lingually delivered), with links shared as part of the daily posted/released online education module content.  While they are not compulsory to attend/watch, would would encourage players and parents on non-residential programmes to fully engage with this valuable content, as part of the direct benefits from attending a high-performance Rugby Academy programme with PSA Academies.

– associated with each live* Zoom Webinar will be a quiz and some additional course reading/a video challenge from the PSA high-performance mentor. Again, we would encourage players and parents to engage with this content to get the most from their PSA Academies programme experience.

*While the intention is to provide live Zoom Webinars on each Academy programme, in cases where our PSA high-performance mentor is no available, we may post a pre-recorded video link to the online education module.

How will PSA Academies communicate with parents before and during Academy programmes?

Each Academy programme will have a WhatsApp Broadcast Group associated with it and this is the preferred method of communication in terms of our Academy programme delivery team staying in touch with customers in advance of and during each programme. Customers will be able to private message our programme staff directly via this channel for any specific feedback, queries or issues.  We would encourage parents to get in touch early with any concerns so that we can proactively address any issues ASAP to ensure everyone enjoys and gets the most out of their PSA Rugby Programme experience. Parents have the option of opting out of WhatsApp communication, but there will be less frequent programme update communications via email and/or social media.  As part of our final prep for each programme, we will run a live Zoom Webinar (recorded for any parents & players that miss it) to introduce our key programme delivery team, to recap on our key programme features and the rules around each programme.

Do PSA Academies book my flights?

For individuals, we will advise customers on the best flight options for their respective requirements but the actual booking of flights needs to be done by the customer directly with their preferred flight provider.  For groups, depending on the type of group trip being booked, we will ensure that you get the best possible quote, either as part of an all-inclusive package with partners or directly with the respective flight provider. The final booking will be made with them and will be subject to their booking terms and conditions.

How will players know what to bring to a PSA Rugby Academy or development group trip?

A PSA Rugby Academy Programme Welcome Pack will be sent to all individual players a minimum of 30 days before the programme start date.  The equivalent will be provided to group leaders for circulation to squad members in advance of group trips. This pack will outline the requirements, processes, policies and contact details applicable to the relevant PSA Academies booking.

Why do you need the player sizes information as part of the booking process and do you have a size guide to help select from?

We need to record player sizes to ensure we have the correct amount of sized branded clothing for the PSA Rugby Academy player packs included in the package (if applicable). The size guide for our clothing partner’s STC Teamwear is available here.

Do PSA Academies operate to a specific set of rules for their PSA Rugby Academy programmes?

Yes, it is very important for our programme, both in terms of quality and overall enjoyment by all, that our players observe our Academy Programme Rules.  Every player and their parents/guardians automatically opt in to these Rules as part of their booking and we will refer to these rules whenever we are addressing instances of ill-discipline or unacceptable behaviour. Please see our Academy Rules and latest booking Ts&Cs elsewhere in our FAQs section.

What is the Mobile Phone policy on the PSA Rugby Academy programme?

Every PSA Rugby Academy programme operates a strict mobile phone policy, with residential players having limited access to their mobile phones in the morning and early evening each day.  Players are not permitted to have their phones overnight, with our programme staff keeping their phones in a fully secured location when collected up. For non-residential players, we operate a ‘No Mobiles’ policy unless customers notify us of any exceptional reason for a player to require access to their phone. Our programme delivery team will be in regular daily contact with parents via the Academy-specific WhatApp Broadcast Group and parents will be able to contact their players 24/7 via this communication channel or by calling our lead Academy programme team leaders via contact numbers provided pre-programme start.

What is the PSA Academies approach to the safety of personal possessions when players are attending Academy programmes?

All players are personally responsible for the safekeeping of their own possessions while attending a PSA Rugby Academy, with programme staff operating a deposit & withdrawal facility for players to access their cash in any French or UK Academy programme venues.  For our Irish Academy venues, we operate a scannable wristband system that enables us to deliver our COVID-19 check-in/check-out system plus our cashless Academy Shop, with customers able to top up their player’s wristbands for shop purchases remotely.  We strongly advise customers not to allow players to bring expensive personal possessions to PSA Rugby Academy programmes unless these are absolutely necessary (and if so, please ask players to check these possessions in securely with our Academy programme delivery staff when on-site). As per our Academy programme rules, we do not tolerate the theft, damage or other abuse of player, staff or venue possessions by any player and we will act strictly in the event of any such behaviour.

What are the specific COVID-19 protocols that PSA Academies operate on their Rugby Academy programmes?

With the ever-changing situation regarding COVID-19 in our different operational countries and venue locations, we will only finalise our protocols for the 2021 PSA Rugby Academies shortly before our programmes are delivered.  We will share full details with our customers as part of our WhatsApp Broadcast Group communications and live Welcome Webinar for each Academy programme. As a guide to our protocols in 2020, please see the full COVID-19 Health & Safety Plan here that we based our Irish Academy programme operations on in 2020.

For the latest updates on the situation for summer 2021, please see our COVID-19 tracker page here.

Are PSA Academies licensed and bonded?

As a member of the Advance Payments to Travel Agents (APTA) Guarantee Scheme, underwritten by Evolution Insurance Company Limited, Advanced Sporting Potential UK Limited, trading as PSA Academies, fully complies with the licensing and bonding requirements of the following legislation;


The Package Travel, Package Holidays & Package Tours Regulations 1992 (UK)

The Package Holidays and Travel Trade Act 1995 (Ireland)

What insurance cover is in place for PSA Academies customers?

All PSA Academies programmes are covered by full PLI cover from our provider AIM.

What qualifications do PSA Academies staff hold?

All our operations staff are fully trained and vetted for safeguarding purposes. Our lead rugby programme coaching staff hold a minimum IRB Level 3 qualification and/or the equivalent qualifications in other specialist areas.

Who is responsible for underage individuals when on a PSA Academies organised group trip?

PSA Rugby Academies

Our fully vetted and professionally trained programme staff are responsible for the pastoral care of all those players in our care and ensure that everyone is sleeping & eating well, joining in all activities, making friends and having a great time. As well as ensuring the daily wellbeing of the overall group, our staff get assigned a group of players that they mentor, delivering twice daily ‘Markers’ meeting, where they get to develop a rapport with each individual and can speak about how they feel physically & emotionally, what their daily goals are and how they fell the programme activities have gone. During free time, our players are able to relax in specified areas of the Cistercian College campus with their new friends, whilst being supervised by our staff. We operate a restricted Mobile Phone Policy, with players only getting access for 1 hour in the mornings and 2 hours in the evenings, when they will be expected to contact their parents.

Group Travel

Minors – For any group involving underage members, the group leaders from the school/club involved are fully responsible for the welfare of those players that are under the age of 18 for the duration of the trip. As such, they are required to obtain written authority from the parent/guardian of every travelling minor before departure. We recommend that two copies of the parental authority forms are brought on tour, in case leaders need to receive medical assistance for any of the children in their charge.

Accompanying Adults – It is the duty of every adult travelling abroad to conduct himself or herself responsibly and safely while on tour.

Do PSA Academies hold my data and how do I know it is secure?

We hold data specific to your use of the PSA Academies website, including your details if subscribing for future marketing, and your booking information. Your data is held securely, via reputable hosting and database solutions.  For further detailed information, please see the PSA Academies Cookies & Privacy Policy here.

What if my query isn’t covered here?

For more information or to ask an additional query, please contact our Support Team by completing the CONTACT US form on site, by launching the web chat function (available 09:00hrs to 17:00hrs, Monday to Friday) or by contacting us via;

Email: sales@psaacademies.com

Telephone:    1800 938 772 (IRE) / +44 (0) 1449 742707 (UK/Other)

PSA Academies

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Email: info@psaacademies.com

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