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PSA Rugby Academy, Westmeath

Returning for 2020, the PSA Rugby Academy, Westmeath will take place at Wilson’s Hospital School in Co. Westmeath.  This high-performance rugby programme will particularly cater for and appeal to ambitious 10 to 16 year old players based in Connacht, Ulster and North Leinster/the Midlands.

Ambitious players will be introduced to our key coaching principles, focusing on the assessment and development of key core skills around passing, rucking, tackling and game management.  With the use of leading sports tech, the top coaching team will develop a player-specific report sent to players and parents post-camp to help with ongoing development. But at the PSA Rugby Academy, Westmeath, there is a focus on the wider development of the person through our varied programme content that covers introductions to key sports science areas, mental wellness principles and fun but challenging C.A.R.D.S. (Creativity, Awareness, Resilience, Decision Making & Self-Organisation) based group activities.

Included In The Price

Our full board accommodation at Wilson’s Hospital School varies from shared rooms of 4, to open plan dormitories. Where numbers poermit, we will always place players of a similar age in a room together. If your player has any special requirements or would like to request to share with a friend, please provide this information within the booking process. *NOTE – Bedding including sheets, duvet & pillow plus covers is provided for the duration of your player’s stay.

Our fully vetted and professional trained programme staff are responsible for the pastoral care of all those players in our care and ensure that everyone is sleeping & eating well, joining in all activities, making friends and having a great time. As well as ensuring the daily wellbeing of the overall group, our staff get assigned a group of players that they mentor, delivering twice daily “Markers” meeting, where they get to develop a rapport with each individual and can speak about how they feel physically & emotionally, what their daily goals are and how they fell the programme activities have gone. During free time, our players are able to relax in specified areas of the Villers School campus with their new friends, whilst being supervised by our staff.  We operate a restricted Mobile Phone Policy, with players only getting access for 1 hour in the mornings and 2 hours in the evenings, when they will be expected to contact their parents.

Our elite level coaches at our Irish PSA Rugby Academies, such as Johne Murphy, BJ Botha, Alan Tynan, Ben Swindlehurst, Rocky Clarke and Paula Fitzpatrick have played and/or coached at the highest level of the youth and/or senior professional game. For more information on the high-performance aspects that our Rugby Academy programme covers, please see our “specialist areas covered” section, with links to articles, at the bottom of the page.

Following the completion of the high-performance Academy programme, each player will receive a detailed Player Development Report, containing test results and development comments across four core skills areas (Pass, Breakdown, Rucking & Tackle) plus physical conditioning. The report also looks at the player development holistically and as such, you will receive a written comment from the player’s group staff mentor, summarising their approach to the C.A.R.D.S. aspect of camp life.

Using the C.A.R.D.S. framework, our Staff Mentors, Coaches and Guest Speakers will provide your player with the opportunities to gain important life skills that will help them to prosper, not only as players but as leaders and people.

PSA Academies has partnered with Endsleigh Insurance to provide invaluable cover specifically designed for PSA Academies players. You will receive a summary of insurance cover after booking, however key benefits include:

  • Cover for over 90 sports and activities are included as standard (full details are available within policy documentation).
  • Cancellation and curtailment of the trip due to accident, illness or sickness.
  • If taken ill or have an accident, Endsleigh will pay emergency medical bills and hospital costs that are not covered by the National Health Service.
  • Additional costs incurred to repatriate, if medically necessary.
  • Reasonable costs to return home if a close relative is seriously ill.
  • Reimbursement if luggage is lost, stolen or accidentally damaged.
  • Endsleigh will help replace passports, or visas if they are lost or stolen.
  • Money stolen either from your person or while locked away, will be replaced.
  • If a student accidentally injures someone or damage their property, Endsleigh will cover legal liability.
  • Advice and assistance to take legal action is covered.
  • Cover for unavoidable or necessary cancellation or curtailment of course before completion due to, death, bodily injury or illness.

As a member of the Advance Payments to Travel Agents (APTA) Guarantee Scheme, underwritten by Evolution Insurance Company Limited, Klub Group Limited complies with the requirements of the Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992

Each player will receive a PSA Rugby Academy branded player pack from STC Teamwear. Intermediate/Advanced players will receive 2 branded tech training T-Shirts and a Wet Top, with Minis/Girls players (of all ages) receiving 2 branded tech training T-Shirts.

Upcoming Dates

Sun 16th August – Fri 21st August 2020
(INT/ADV Residential – Boys 12-16yrs)

Mon 16th August – Fri 21st August 2020
(INT/ADV Non-Residential – Boys 12-16yrs)

Tues 18th August – Fri 21st August 2020
(Minis Residential – Boys 10-11yrs)

Weds 19th August – Fri 21st August 2020
(Minis Non-Residential – Boys 10-11yrs)

Specialist Areas Covered

Our Packages

5 Day Residential Package
(INT/ADV – Boys 12-16yrs) Prices from: €445.00 / £395.00

5 Night Non-Residential Package
(INT/ADV – Boys 12-16yrs) Prices from: €339.00 / N/A

3 Night Residential Package
(Minis – Boys 10-11yrs) Prices from: €269.00 / £239.00

3 Day Non-Residential Package
(Minis – Boys 10-11yrs) Prices from: €205.00 / N/A


Contact Us

For more information, please contact our PSA Academies Sales Team at;

Email: sales@psaacademies.com
IRE: 1800 938 772

Minis = M (10-11yrs), Int = Intermediate (12-13yrs), Adv = Advanced (14-16yrs)

*excludes spending money or additional requirements outside of the standard package. The package must be paid in full in order to secure your player’s place. Full booking Ts&Cs apply.