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The 2019 PSA Academies 6 Nations Predictions Challenge – Week 1

We’re back again with our annual PSA Academies team predictions competition.   Same line up and rules as last year but hopefully someone, anyone, can stop resident expert Johan from going three-in-row as Prediction King

First the line up;

Johan Taylor (2018 Challenge Position – 1st) – current ‘King of the Picks’ after topping the pile AGAIN last year.  It’s going to be hard listening to his ‘I’m not even from Europe’ crowing if he lands the hat-trick.

Johne Murphy (2018 Challenge Position – Joint 2nd) – surprised many in the PSA Academies office with a relatively strong showing last year.  Will be up against it again this year as he’s a very busy man!

Graham Ross (2018 Challenge Position – Joint 2nd) – was robbed last year by a few desperately unlucky calls.  Fancied to avenge things this time with the homework done.

Philippe Saint-Andre (2018 Challenge Position – Joint 4th) – Philippe is on a mission to get back to the top of the predictions pile this year.  The fate of the French team and his chances may be intertwined but he won’t be afraid to make the big calls.

Cory Brown (20178 Challenge Position – joint 4th) – very shrewd performance by Cory last year, ensuring that Philippe didn’t finish alone in 4th.  Our resident Kiwi struggles to analyse proper Test matches but hopefully his 6 Nations experiences are now at the level where he can be more competitive this time.

Neil Marchant (2018 Challenge Position – Last) – Mr. Wooden Spoon, Neil is facing another uphill challenge to beat anyone home in this year’s Challenge.  Blinded by his love for Eddie & the England squad, with a likely defeat in Dublin first up, it’s going to be a long 6 weeks for our popular if hopeless England fan.

Ian Lewis (2018 Challenge Position – cried off) – Neil’s only real hope of passing off the Wooden Spoon arguably lies in Ian (AKA Lewi) finally pitching up for battle.  Expect a lot of late prediction submissions as Lewi tries to leverage the group’s wisdom to game his way to victory.

Next, the 2019 6 Nations Predictions Challenge rules are simple. Each competitor provides a one line match summary plus a prediction of winning team and margin (if a draw was predicted, they need to predict the total match points). It is 5 points for a correct result prediction and 5 points for a correct winning margin/total draw match points total.

The ‘expert’ with the most points at the end of the tournament is crowned the 6 Nations Predictions Challenge ‘King of the Picks’, whilst the person finishing last needs to complete a forfeit to be agreed by the team at the end of the 6 Nations.

Friday 2 February – France v Wales, 2000hrs UK time kick off

Johan Taylor – Forget Fiji, the real France will show up for opening night
PredictionFrance by 6 points

Johne Murphy (@MurphyJohne) – Electric atmosphere & positive attitude to edge it for France
PredictionFrance by 7 points 

Graham Ross (@GrahamRoss76) – who needs this more?  Scottish front row injuries will be ruthlessly tested & the Welsh defence is taken to hold.  PredictionWales by 4 points 

Philippe Saint-André (@PSaintAndre) – Very tight match with two competitive teams but France to do just enough
PredictionFrance by 3 points 

Cory Brown (@corybrown90) – Gatland masterclass as Wales overpower atmosphere and France
PredictionWales by 13 points

Neil Marchant (@NeilMarchant2) – The Welsh Dragon to have too much game for the game French
PredictionWales by 5 points

Ian Lewis (@Lewi_xplore) – France to ride the wave of emotion & out play the Welsh
PredictionFrance by 9 points

Ben Sinclair – Welsh control beats French passion
PredictionWales by 10 points

Saturday 2 February – Scotland v Italy, 1415hrs UK time kick off

Johan Taylor – Scotland make big statement of intent against outmatched Italy
PredictionScotland by 27 points

Johne Murphy (@MurphyJohne) – tighter game than many expect but Scotland’s cutting edge counts in 2nd half
PredictionScotland by 16 points 

Graham Ross (@GrahamRoss76) – Scots pull clear when brave Italians fade
PredictionScotland by 19 points 

Philippe Saint-André (@PSaintAndre) – Italy too weak to worry comfortable Scots
PredictionScotland by 20 points 

Cory Brown (@corybrown90) – Gatland masterclass as Wales overpower atmosphere and France
PredictionWales by 13 points

Neil Marchant (@NeilMarchant2) – Scotland to smash brittle Italian defence. Easy home win
PredictionScotland by 30 points

Ian Lewis (@Lewi_xplore) – competitive game only sees rusty Scotland pull clear in 4th quarter
PredictionScotland by 14 points

Ben Sinclair – Scotland to go through the gears for easy win
PredictionScotland by 27 points

Saturday 2 February – Ireland v England, 1645hrs UK time kick off

Johan Taylor – Classic Irish game plan edges thriller late on
PredictionIreland by 5 points

Johne Murphy (@MurphyJohne) – Hungry England win arm wrestle in tight low scoring game
PredictionIreland by 9 points 

Graham Ross (@GrahamRoss76) – another Joe Schmidt masterclass as Ireland outplay & outsmart the English (again!)
PredictionIreland by 6 points 

Philippe Saint-André (@PSaintAndre) – The decider comes first this year & Ireland justify their position in world rankings with smart win
PredictionIreland by 7 points 

Cory Brown (@corybrown90) – Ireland keep up their NZ beating form with a professional display and good win
PredictionIreland by 9 points

Neil Marchant (@NeilMarchant2) – England use power & kicking game to win a real ding dong game
PredictionEngland by 5 points

Ian Lewis (@Lewi_xplore) – Eddie Jones wins the tactical battle with first choice line up just edging Ireland in the stats and on the scoreboard
PredictionEngland by 3 points

Ben Sinclair – Ireland too smart, experienced and strong on their home patch
PredictionIreland by 13 points 

Best of luck to all involved in the 2019 6 Nations Predictions Challenge and enjoy the rugby wherever you are this weekend.



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