UK Media Coverage – Bury Free Press previews the Finborough High Performance Rugby Clinic

French rugby great to give masterclass at Finborough

TOP COACH: Ex-French coach Philippe Saint-Andre will be at Finborough School next month (Picture: Mecha Morton)

Published in the Bury Free Press: 09:00 Sunday 18 February 2018

Former French winger and national head coach Philippe Saint-André will be imparting advice to promising young rugby players at Finborough School next month. It is the second year the PSA Academies team will run a High Performance Rugby Clinic at the school, following last year’s inaugural event success.

The clinic, which will be run by Saint-André, will offer Minis (10-12 years old), Intermediate (12-15 years old) and Advanced (16-18 years old) players, both male and female, an opportunity to get world-class coaching. The event at the school near Stowmarket will take place on Saturday, March 10, before the PSA Academy will host a further workshop at St Joseph’s College in Ipswich on the Sunday, where there will be a special focus on girl’s rugby.

Saint-André said: “I am a firm believer that to be the best you can be, in sport and in life, you need to experience and learn from the top performers.”

“Not only do events like our High Performance Rugby Clinics bring the best young players to measure themselves against each other, it also gives these players a chance to learn from ex-players and coaches who have reached the very top of the sport. They will be fantastic opportunities to come and find out more.”

He promised he would be joined by special guests for the day, who will join his core team of ex-top flight player Johne Murphy, among others. Saint-André said that the coaches would focus on the ‘core physical’ skills, such as athleticism, speed, passing and technique, alongside the psychological side of the game, an aspect the former French head coach said has gained more importance in recent years.

He said: “There is more to a player than what he simply does on the pitch. The top players have to have a determination, focus and drive to get there. “The rugby clinics are a fantastic initiative and are very important in terms of connecting with the rugby community and continuing to develop the strength of our team and programmes. Only a very small percentage of young players will make it to pro club level but everyone can get to the best level that they have.”

For more information and tickets, visit: and search for 2018 UK High Performance Rugby Clinics.

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